BRX, the rest and reward app.

Train your mental fitness and earn rewards.

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We are on a mission to help 1 million people improve the way they think and feel

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Feel great in 5 minutes

Self-care doesn’t always come easy. In today’s overstimulated world, we live our lives online.

Breathonics offers a practical WellFi solution designed to manage your mental fitness using the power of Breathwork.

Simply follow the training to score and earn.

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Easy to follow musical breathing exercises created by experts

Our 8 training symbols combine guided Breathwork sessions with the freshest bespoke electronic music, along with visual symbols to show you the way.

Ready and available at your fingertips, the symbols’ protocols can modify or enhance your state in an instant. Just like any other muscle, breathing can be trained. And the more you train, the better your quality of life becomes.

Power Up

power up box breathing protocol 4 inhale 4 hold 4 exhale 4 hold navy seals
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power up mountain breathing protocol alternate nostril

Power Down

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Wellness Technology

BRX uses Wellness Technology to train mental fitness in just 5 minutes.

Offering 40+ unique, science-backed exercises only 5-10 minutes long, each session seamlessly blends the 8 protocols with the perfect tunes and complementary frequencies, relative to specific moods and mindsets.

Integrations with Apple Health allows Breathonics to personalise your experience, prompting the right recommendations at the right time.

Additional Features:

  • Real-time heart rate analysis (with Apple Watch)
  • Training programs delivered by Master Breathing Coaches
  • Music produced by industry experts
  • Tailored recommendations based your sleeping & heart rate data
  • Dashboard to track your Breathonics journey with biometrics
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Why it works...

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the network that controls our Sympathetic (fight or flight) and Parasympathetic (rest and digest) systems.

Certain breathwork exercises stimulate the Vagus nerve, which governs the body’s ability to relax, reducing cortisol levels and inducing a state of calm.

Other exercises energize the body and invigorate the mind - helpful for when you need that boost of motivation or enhanced focus.

The Breathonics formula is based on these principles, merging breathwork, music and frequency for an experience like no other.

The Power of Music

Music has the power to change the way we think and feel - that’s why at Breathonics, we take it seriously. Music is something the world can’t live without, so we made it the backbone of our concept.

We analyzed, studied and tested every component of music for breathing: the energy, cadence, tempo and feeling. Traversing musical genres from Hip-Hop to Techno, our 8 protocols are accompanied with appropriate tracks for the best outcome. We’ve partnered with industry leading Psychomusicologists to create a one-of-a-kind musical mental-fitness experience.

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The Good Vibrations

Alongside the contemporary music, Breathonics weaves binaural beats and Hz frequencies - corresponding to certain brain waves - into our sessions, impacting the listeners’ physiology.

Here’s a quick look at the meaning of these different brain waves:


32 - 100 Hz
An orange gamma wave

Heightened perception, learning, problem solving tasks and cognitive processing.


13 -32 HZ
A yellow beta wave

Awakeness, alert consciousness, thinking & excitement


8 - 13 Hz
A white alpha wave

Physically and mentally relaxed


4 - 8 Hz
Blue theta wave

Creativity, insight, deep states, dreams, deep meditation, reduced consciousness


0,5 - 4 Hz
A purple delta wave

Deep (dreamless) sleep. Loss of bodily awareness, repair

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breathonics app store reviews
BRX by Breathonics
breathonics 5 five star review best mental fitness breathing exercise app
4.9/5 • 611 RATINGS
5 Start Rating Img
Franz 519976, 06/3/2023
Wonderful sensations

This app really works! When I use it for energize, it's like drinking a coffee. When I use it for relax I fall asleep, especially with longer exercises. This is the future of mental [health]. Highly recommended!

5 Start Rating Img
JustzB, 01/16/2020

Never thought breathing has so many different techniques that helps to enhance my health/fitness lifestyle. Never look back ever since I started using the app. The app UI is clean and user friendly too ✨✨✨✨✨

5 Start Rating Img
SM880plyr, 01/21/2022
Game changer

I have been using the app for almost two years now, close to daily. Lost the hardware in travels some time ago, but headphones fine. For me, I am primarily using the rest modules right now, and these have enabled me to have a daily 20 to 30 min rejuvenation that is invaluable to my daily work and personal routine. This app is a long term keeper for me.

5 Start Rating Img
Jack Dellen, 12/14/2022
Great Tool for Mental Health

I typically listen to guided meditations in the morning to kick off my day, but ever since downloading this app, I’ve been using this a lot more. It’s nice to switch it up and do breathing exercises rather than listening to guided meditations or using no audio at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still continue to do those, but it’s nice to add some variety and challenge myself in a different way. After each session I’ve done, I always leave feeling more calm, grounded and focused which I think can be beneficial to anyone! Only complaint right now is, and it can probably be fixed with an update, is that I sometimes can’t end the session and it doesn’t count towards my progress. Other than that, this app is a great tool to add in your mental health toolbox. Thank you, Breathonics

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