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October 12, 2023

Breathonics Announces Partnership with Launchblock

$HZX Token Completes Breathonics’ Web3 Wellness Ecosystem in Roadmap Milestone, a Collaborative Effort With Digital Asset Fundraising Platform Launchblock.com

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, October 10, 2023 — Wellness Technology pioneer Breathonics is excited to announce strategic partnership with Launchblock to facilitate the launch of $HZX, the world’s leading Web3 Wellness token. This token serves as the digital equivalent of in-app HZ

points that users earn from completing exercises in the BRX app. With the $HZX token, Breathonics aims to further incentivize users to build healthy habits and improve their overall health, rewarding them with assets that can be utilized within the Breathonics ecosystem.

Breathonics, the intersection of music, science and technology, is dedicated to promoting wellness through expert guided breathwork exercises paired with industry-quality electronic music and science-backed brainwave frequencies. Their HZ points and $HZX token (both pronounced “Hertz”, the frequency unit of measurement) offer a wealth of utility to the Breathonics community. From unlocking new levels, building streaks and competing on leaderboards with HZ points, the $HZX token opens doors to gated offline and online experiences, and the opportunity to support talent by purchasing UGC listed on the Breathonics platform.

Launchblock.com, a prominent player in tokenomics, is set to have a significant impact on $HZX dynamics. With a history of involvement in pioneering ventures and contributions to projects like The Grapes & LightLink Chain, Launchblock leads the charge in blockchain innovation. Backed by substantial experience and expertise from the likes of Animoca Brands, Launchblock collaborates closely with influential project partners, serving as vital advisors for The Grapes, a standout digital collectible in the Web3 community.

Their established reputation for nurturing blockchain startups speaks volumes. Launchblock’s track record proves their ability to provide essential support, helping emerging projects thrive in the evolving blockchain landscape. As cryptocurrency continues to change, Launchblock stands as a source of knowledge and innovation, reshaping the industry positively.

“Web3 moves fast” says Bradley Young, CEO of Breathonics. “Hence why we’re thrilled to partner with Launchblock for $HZX. There’s great synergy between us. They’re true innovators, supporting and incubating some of the most disruptive ideas and projects in the Web3 space. With Launchblock advising our tokenomics, we’re feeling very positive about our $HZX token. We couldn’t have found a better launch pad to partner with. The future’s looking bright.”

This partnership paves the way for a unique development of Wellness Technology on the blockchain, providing users with a novel way to track and benefit from their wellness practices.

To learn more about Launchblock, visit launchblock.com.