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September 4, 2023

Building WellFi Pt.3: Technology

The Technology That Delivers the BRX Experience — From Biometrics to the Blockchain

Embracing new waves of tech and disrupting the wellness industry, Breathonics is committed to bringing mental fitness into the future with their BRX app. From biometric data to blockchain technologies, BRX is a digitally advanced product designed to make you feel great in 5 minutes.

What does the future of wellness look like? You've arrived at the right place. Welcome back to Part 3 of the WellTech series. We've taken you from the introduction of WellFi to the Science behind Breathonics. In this blog, we will explore the technology being leveraged by the Breathonics team to provide a one-of-a-kind user experience.

The intersection of music, science and technology, Breathonics delivers a fun and fast solution for those who want to manage their mental state, but don’t know where to begin or struggle to find the time. Their formula, built, tested and perfected over 2 years, combines 3 components for a uniquely transformative experience:

  • Positive psychology through guided breathwork sessions led by world-class teachers
  • Electronic music / soundscapes suited to each exercise, produced by industry experts
  • Binaural Hertz frequencies akin to brainwaves, activating or enhancing desired states

Triangulating the formula between breathwork, music and frequencies ensures the effectiveness of the sessions, bringing real, rapid results.

Designed to help you Power Up, Power Down and Rest, Breathonics uses biometric data recorded on your Apple Watch, Fitness and Health (such as Resting Heart Rate and Sleep) to train your mental fitness and optimize your performance, with ideal exercise recommendations based on your body’s specific needs suggested by BRX’s algorithm.

Current statistics illustrate the following:

  • The app’s usage during weekdays is 25% higher than on weekends - users return to Breathonics when they need to center themselves during stressful days at work.
  • Out of the following sessions: Breathwork (around 5-10 mins), Nap (20-90 mins) and Longform music (set your own time), Breathwork makes up 60% of the total consumed sessions, as the main offering of the app.
  • Power Up Breathwork content is mainly used in mornings, while Power Down Breathwork, Nap, and Longform are mainly used in the evening, peaking at 10pm.
  • Longform and Nap content also see an increase in usage during the afternoon slump period, usually happening after lunch time until 4pm.
  • Users love the app. Once subscribed and reaping the benefits of Breathwork, they stick with us for a long time.
  • Breathonics is celebrating their most recent milestone of 250k exercises completed.

Wellness Technology is already abundant on the market in numerous forms, but a major and mostly untapped resource is the use of gamification.

Gaming, alongside wellness and technology, is yet another global industry skyrocketing in market value. But why incorporate it into BRX? We know well enough about the consequences of living online: the notifications that play on our evolutionary instincts and data-farming tech giants. What good is gamification to mitigate these problems? The answer is not to try and get people off their phones and laptops. In an ideal world, we could log off at any moment without second thought and get our feet on some grass.

But the fact is the world we live in is an increasingly digital one, and we continue to rely more on technology. Instead of idealistic solutions, we need realistic ones. Through technology, moments and interactions transcend time and space. We have acclimatized to a modern pace of life where things occur instantaneously. Having a solid self-care routine can be challenging in this respect: forming and maintaining positive habits take both time and effort. Working with the grain rather than against it, gamifying wellness is a way of making self-care fun, rewarding and sticky, all for the users’ own benefit. In a world where we are primed to chase the next new thing, the multi-sensory playground of audio, visual and kinesthetic activity that are BRX’s sessions are great for keeping users focussed and entertained. Through the sound of the music, the animated cues and the instructors’ guidance, mental fitness has never been so engaging. The app also features a streak that motivates you to return and stay consistent.

Another layer to the gamification of BRX is the experiential Story Mode, serving as an interactive Web3 gameplay which brings the user into the world of Project:BRX’s compelling lore, and integrations that allow you to show off your DEX (Digital Expression Device), the BRX collectible that brings an abundance of utility and unlocks the full Breathonics experience, including a lifetime subscription to the app, access to gated benefits and entry to the Breathonics community.

Breathonics is soon to deploy a “HZ” point system (pronounced Hertz, like the sound/brainwave unit of measurement) in the BRX app, a model that rewards users for positive behaviors, whether to Rest or Recharge. This can be individual or collective achievements, such as you getting a good night’s rest, or your entire country’s users lowering their average resting heart rate. Later down the line, the HZ that users earn can be used to unlock higher levels and even support music artists collaborating with Breathonics by purchasing their tracks in the BRX app. The introduction of Breathonics’ HZ points heralds the beginning of WellFi - Wellness Finance. The key to this ecosystem’s success is community: from collective achievements to User Generated Content. 

Community and empowerment are virtues of Web3 that are synonymous with mental health, healing and wellness. Naturally, they are fundamental components of Breathonics, too. With over 15k members in their Discord and almost 40k on Twitter brought together through the remarkable yet relatable story of Project:BRX, the Breathonics team has been broadcasting live sessions from DJ sets to audio chapters of the Project:BRX lore, and breathwork sessions delivered by CEO Bradley Young, certified breathwork instructor. The team has initiated plans to build a new platform on Twitch, with the intention of seamlessly broadcasting their streams anywhere from Discord to the BRX app.

WellTech is nothing new to Breathonics, from designing physical wearables to building advanced software. Since its beginning, Breathonics has dedicated itself to impact, staying agile to keep ahead of the curve: welcoming, embracing and creating new technologies, with much more to come.

This marks the end of the WellTech series. Stay tuned for more updates, information and education from the Breathonics team.