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January 30, 2024

Due to popular demand…

Breathonics is thrilled to release our long-awaited BRX Android App!

What a journey it’s been so far. Having successfully built one of the world’s most technologically advanced iOS health apps, we are now activating users from the other half of the mobile application market with our newly released BRX for Android, marking another huge milestone in our roadmap. The app is ready to download from the Google Play Store now!

Currently, the BRX Android app functions in a similar way to the free version of its iOS counterpart, including 4 free levels of Power Up and Power Down breathwork exercises created by industry pioneers in psychomusicology and music production. Our science-backed proprietary formula, tried and tested over 2 years, seamlessly combines expert-led breathing exercises, quality electronic music and powerful brain wave frequencies: a complete program allowing you to shift or enhance your state.

Each training session is complete with its own breathing exercise class featuring a unique structure of reps and sets, applying the framework of physical fitness to mental health = our approach to the concept of mental fitness. Each session boasts its own bespoke piece of music and a specific combination of binaural tones weaved into the audio experience to catalyze the outcome of each session, for example, Beta waves for focus, Theta waves for deep relaxation.

This is just the beginning for Android. Next up is the full BRX for Android package - all 16 Breathwork levels, Rest modules and more, bringing our Android users up to the same caliber experience that our iOS users enjoy. Our devs are working around the clock to realize the vision, so stay tuned for further announcements.

If you’ve been with us so far on iOS, thank you for your support. If you’re on Android, thank you for your patience as we deliver our best, and head over to the Google Play Store to see what the hype is about!